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About Us 

We believe that through invention, innovation, and evolution we can continually produce a project that is superior for us, our employees and clients. We achieve this by working from a foundation of honesty, committing in a real way resources of the company to invention, innovation and evolution. We refuse to accept the status quo as a way of business. We encourage "what ifs", encouraging and promoting flexibility in addressing challenges. We build on past successes while learning from and rejecting the bad from the past. We engage technology, other industries, and other disciplines to improve our business practices, and resist being bound by current paradigms.  

What We Do

Konisto has been started and organized to achieve the above business model. We feel this is best achieved with two principal objectives. 


1. Manage work effectively by providing a framework in which work is organized for success and continual improvement. 

2. Provide flexibility for our clients in our structure to provide our clients with ability to achieve their project goals. 


To manage this principle, we have organized the company into two components that work hand in hand in providing our company the very best opportunity for improvement and continued success. 


As the key directors of the company, Chris and Billy have organized themselves around these two principles. Though each helps the other, Chris has primary responsibility of overall company structure and work; while Billy is focused on developing the framework for work organization. This work plan provides clarity of focus while capitalizing on continual work improvement and progress. 


The key staff are supported by others both in field and office operations to provide our key staff the ability to concentrate on the key objectives. We have field and office staff supporting the operations of the company that have many years of experience and proven field success. 



Konisto operates on three basic objectives: Innovate, invent, evolve.


Combining these three objectives, Konisto, in collaboration with others, strives to define and execute the best possible product for our clients. 


To achieve our objectives, we rise above and beyond normal standards of other businesses by not accepting the status quo. We don't dictate process, and we refuse to bind ourselves to unsuccessful paradigms of the past. 




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